Audra Woodley

National Board-Certified Quantum Health Coach, Speaker, & Educator, Founder/CEO Authentically Holistic, LLC

Specializing in quantum theory, Audra uses quantum biofeedback technology to encourage homeostasis (physiological balance) to the body’s energetic and nutritional imbalances.  She uses 3 types of techniques: Voice analysis, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), and Hair Analysis Sampling to promote a Mind/Body/Spirit Detoxification focusing on the synergetic relationship between Trauma Based Blockages (Mind), Holistic Nutrition (Body), and Energetic Balancing (Spirit) – all key to Getting To The Core of Optimal Health and Wellness.  Her education includes an M.S. IT Systems Management from Capitol Technology University and B.S. Commerce & Engineering/minor in Physics from Drexel University and Lincoln University’s Dual Degree Program.  Currently, she’s enrolled in Quantum University’s Natural Medicine PhD program.
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