Frank Martz

City Manager for the City of Altamonte Springs, Florida

Frank Martz is the City Manager for the City of Altamonte Springs, Florida and brings more than 30 years of industry expertise, P3 creation, strategic direction, and executive management experience to his role. His blend of vision, empowerment, and fiscal management produced one of the most innovative cities in the world while at the same time lowering the Altamonte Springs property tax rate to one of the lowest in Florida and remaining a completely debt-free city.

Frank led the development and deployment of one of the first demand-response transportation algorithm proof of concepts in the United States, funded by FTA, FHWA, and the State of Florida. He then partnered with Uber to create the first community-wide mobility partnership Uber had ever done, which Frank expanded to multiple cities in two different counties, and which led to changes to Florida law relating to TNCs. In addition to mobility solutions, Frank created and launched STEM education programs, and nationally and internationally recognized environmental innovations. One of which, pureALTA, creates drinking water from reuse water without reverse osmosis, for which the City received an international innovation award in Tokyo, Japan. Under his leadership, Altamonte Springs was named a “Utility of the Future Today” by the Water Environment Federation for the City’s transformational programming.

In the summer of 2023, the City of Altamonte Springs and the Florida Department of Transportation partnered with Beep to deploy the first mixed-traffic, mixed-modal autonomous vehicle project in Florida, called CraneRIDES. CraneRIDES will operate in mixed traffic alongside mixed modes, and in both public rights-of-way and private properties. Frank and his team also have launched the Altamonte Global Innovation Lab (AGīL, and pronounced agile) to create, curate and host the development of both public and private sector mobility, environmental, technological, and data-driven innovation solutions that can be scaled and implemented in other communities nationally and internationally.
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