Han Kim, PhD

Senior Human Factors Engineer, Leidos

Dr. Han Kim is a leading expert in ergonomics and biomechanics. With his unique background in industrial engineering, automotive systems, and neuroscience, Dr. Kim currently is working to optimize spacesuit and hardware designs to maximize the performance and comfort of astronauts in exploration missions.   Dr. Kim is a digital human modeler by education and training. He has been infusing the 3D body scanning and motion capture technologies with system design optimization, including spacesuits and vehicles. Most notably, Dr. Kim built a virtual spacesuit fit technique, with which the next generation suit design was evaluated against a large population of body scans to ensure astronaut accommodation. The technique was validated with extensive human-in-the-loop tests. The work was further expanded for the US Army body armor system and assessed fit especially for female soldiers. He has received a Director’s Innovation Award from the NASA Johnson Space Center. He also received a Silver Snoopy Award, with which astronauts recognize his exceptional contribution for crew health and safety.
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