Kam Ghaffarian

Founder and CEO, IBX

Kam Ghaffarian is the founder and CEO of IBX, an investment and innovation firm committed to advancing the state of humanity and human knowledge. He co-founded and is the Executive Chairman of X-energy, Intuitive Machines, and Axiom Space, and is involved in several other pioneering ventures. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of exploration, Kam started his first business, SGT, more than 20 years ago. SGT grew from a vision to providing engineering services to NASA to a 2500+ organization with more half a billion in revenue. The success resulted in the company becoming the second-largest engineering service provider to NASA. Today, his commitment to philanthropy, commercial space, exponential technology and clean energy place him at the forefront of several next generation solutions to our greatest challenges. He is an expert in the fields of aerospace systems and information technology with a devotion to the collaborative advancement of humankind.
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