Tasha Austin, PhD

Principal at Deloitte

Tasha Austin, PhD, a distinguished professional, is a Principal within Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory business, boasting an extensive career of over 25 years in professional services. Her expertise spans the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics across a multitude of domains, including commercial and federal financial statement audits, fraud detection and analysis, dispute resolution and investigations, national security, diplomacy and international affairs.

Tasha assumes a pivotal role in guiding Deloitte’s endeavors within the dynamic domain of Artificial Intelligence. Her distinctive contribution lies in pioneering innovative, insight-driven solutions that catalyze profound transformation for her clients’ core missions. Tasha’s day to day role includes serving as the lead business partner actively contributing to the advancement of state diplomacy’s critical mission. More broadly, Tasha provides strategic guidance to C-Suite Executives and management across the federal community, aiding them in navigating their agencies’ most intricate and distinctive data challenges. Additionally, Tasha is instrumental in assisting organizations in evaluating their readiness for and adoption of AI solutions.

As the Executive Director of Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence Institute for Government, Tasha plays a pivotal role in the organization’s mission to bolster its capabilities in pivotal domains, particularly in the realm of trustworthy and ethical AI. Her portfolio encompasses the significant task of amplifying Deloitte’s thought leadership and digital footprint within the sphere of AI for the public sector. Central to Tasha’s mandate is the orchestration of a multifaceted ecosystem, drawing together diverse stakeholders including leaders in non-profit organizations, academia, policy makers, and technology firms with the goal of transitioning beyond theoretical discussions regarding the opportunities and ethical considerations of AI to focusing on the practical implementation of AI solutions at scale, fostering real-world impact and innovation in the public sector.

Tasha is a distinguished global speaker renowned for her insights and expertise across a spectrum of compelling topics. Her speaking engagements encompass a diverse range of subjects, including AI and Public Policy, How AI is Shaping the World, Leading as AI Women in the AI-Driven Future, Ethical Implications of AI, the Intersection of AI & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, AI and International Development, Trustworthy AI, AI and Financial Inclusion.
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