Teri Lampoudi, PhD

VP of Engineering, Mast Reforestation

Dr. Teri Lampoudi, Vice President of Engineering at Mast Reforestation, is a leader in academic and industrial R&D.

Since 2013 Dr. Lampoudi has worked in industry (Liquid Robotics, Mast Reforestation and Hefring Engineering) and non-profit (MBARI) robotics for science, with an emphasis on autonomy and multi-robot coordination. At Liquid Robotics she was part of the team that built the Wave Glider autonomous ocean surface vehicle, and responsible for a multi-vehicle coordinated autonomy R&D program that culminated in a 25 vehicle x 30 day mission in 2015 (possibly still the record in civilian field robotics). At Mast Reforestation she designed multi-UAV coordination algorithms for forestry, resulting in the first waivers from the FAA permitting operation over 55 lbs, the dispensing of agricultural payloads, and the operation of multiple drones under the supervision of a single pilot. At MBARI she delivered the first back-seat autonomy payload for the Long Range AUV. At Hefring she contributed to Ocean Scout, a single-person-portable buoyancy glider designed from the ground up for fleet operation. She is a FAA certified drone pilot and a USCG certified ship captain.

She has a PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara, and spent 2009-2013 working as a researcher at UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara, in synthetic biology; on Big Data methods for Earth Science; and on the scheduling kernel for the Las Cumbres Observatory’s global robotic telescope network, which enables the continuous observation of targets (for example the NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission) despite the Earth’s rotation.
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