Chandrakant D. Patel P.E.

Chief Engineer and Senior Fellow, Hewlett Packard

Chandrakant, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame, is HP’s Chief Engineer and Senior Fellow.

A keen observer of technological and societal inflections, Chandrakant has been a pioneer in the design of information technology (IT) infrastructures and in the application of IT to drive energy management at city scales. He has a proven track record of delivering innovations in servers and data centers from conception and breakthrough technical contributions to business creation and commercialization.

Chandrakant was amongst the first to foresee the need to reduce energy consumption in data centers. He subsequently founded the Smart Data Center research program at HP Laboratories. His mantra “data center is the computer” led to the creation of a software based management system to reduce energy consumption in data centers through needbased dynamic provisioning of IT, power, cooling. The smart data center work at HP Labs led to the creation of a new business unit at HP and a rich portfolio of patents, publications, and products. Later, he charted new directions for the industry in the application of IT to manage Internet-connected physical systems (also known as cyber physical systems).

In addition to his multi-disciplinary technical depth, Chandrakant has held a breadth of management and leadership roles, and has extensive experience in communicating with customers, investors, analysts and media. He has managed HP Labs where he led the delivery of innovations in storage, networking, print engines, and software platforms. He is experienced in executing projects around the world, and has served on the board of Mphasis, an IT services company based in India [NSE: MPHASIS].

He currently leads the HP Global Technical Community through a unique technical framework focused on developing salient technical capabilities needed for the company’s evolving business needs. At the company level, he also leads the strategic selection of technologies in light of the social, economic and ecological megatrends that are shaping our future. His current technical interests are focused on cyber physical systems such as HP’s 3D Print Engines and digital manufacturing.

Chandrakant is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He holds 153 patents, and has published more than 150 technical papers. An advocate of the return to fundamentals, he has served as an adjunct faculty in engineering at Chabot College, U.C. Berkeley Extension, San Jose State University and Santa Clara University.

Chandrakant started his collegiate education in a community college and has immense passion for training and inclusion programs for under-served communities. He believes that companies architecting solutions for the 21st century cyber physical age should be socially responsible and lead with purpose, making life better for everyone, everywhere.
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