Matthew Peterson

VP of Innovation - Engineering, SAIC

Matthew Peterson, a seasoned technology executive also known as Matt Peterson, holds the role of VP of Innovation – Engineering, where he holds a pivotal position in steering the organization towards a technologically progressive future. His expertise spans various domains:

In the realm of Strategic Vision, Matt formulates and executes forward-looking strategies, pinpointing nascent technologies poised to elevate the company’s products and services. Fostering Collaboration is another key facet of his role, as he encourages cross-functional teamwork among engineering teams, product managers, and stakeholders to tackle intricate challenges. Additionally, Matt oversees the development of comprehensive Technology Roadmaps, ensuring that technological advancements align seamlessly with overarching business objectives, thus amplifying efficiency. Spearheading Research and Development endeavors, he delves into avant-garde technologies and pilots innovative solutions. As a catalyst for Change, Matt propels the adoption of pioneering practices throughout the organization, nurturing a culture of perpetual learning and adaptability. Moreover, he establishes pertinent Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge the efficacy of innovation initiatives. Lastly, through External Engagement, Matt collaborates with external partners, startups, and industry experts to remain abreast of emerging technologies and investment prospects.
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