Eloi Le Roux

Head of Product, Forma Vision

Eloi Le Roux, currently serving as the Head of Product at Forma Vision, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we conduct meetings in the hybrid workforce. His mission? To seamlessly integrate authentic, real-time holographic meetings into our professional lives.

Before joining Forma Vision, Eloi made significant contributions at Google as a Human Factors Researcher in the Consumer Hardware (Wearables) division. His impact at Google was multifaceted and profound. He played a pivotal role in accelerating mission-critical timelines by 2x while simultaneously reducing costs by 50%, showcasing his efficiency and strategic prowess. Additionally, as part of the team developing the first Pixel Watch, Eloi led human subject studies to pioneer cutting-edge algorithms for fall detection and SpO2 monitoring, reshaping the wearable technology landscape.

Beyond product development, Eloi scoped and managed human factors research projects with external partners, such as academic institutions and research labs, ensuring Forma Vision’s product roadmap aligned with user needs. Furthermore, within the Wearables Organization, Eloi spearheaded the design and execution of Institutional Review Board (IRB) studies, collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure research objectives met program timelines and budgets. His regular updates to Google’s Hardware Devices engineering leadership team underscored his commitment to transparency and alignment in achieving organizational goals.

Eloi holds a degree in Biomechanical Engineering (S.B.) from Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His focus during his studies was on Bioengineering with a mechanical engineering emphasis.
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