Jennifer Rundell

Director of Ecosystem Solutions, Magic Leap

Jennifer Rundell is a dynamic leader at the intersection of technology and human experience, currently serving as the Director of Ecosystem Solutions at Magic Leap. With a diverse background spanning entrepreneurship, product strategy, and immersive technology, Jennifer is dedicated to bringing storytelling to life in new mediums while safeguarding the essence of the human experience in virtual spaces.

As the Designer of Voyagerâ„¢ and Co-Founder of Positron, she has honed her expertise in product strategy, development, and operations, driving company growth and success.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has demonstrated her ability to lead teams in building and delivering technology products that resonate with customers. Her experience spans immersive tech (primarily VR), P/SaaS, and e-commerce. Whether in entrepreneurial ventures or larger organizations, Jennifer excels at bridging communication gaps and aligning business and technology functions. She is equally comfortable diving into complex details as she is articulating strategic visions.
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