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Marriott World Center

2023 Theme:
Women in STEAM Powering the Metaverse


About the Summit

Our conference is intentionally multigender and multicultural, taking great care to have representation from a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

We invite highly educated, innovative, and tech-savvy professionals to join us as we spotlight successful thought leaders and share important keys that will open doors for current and future leaders to ensure that the sky is no longer the limit for women or humankind.

Who Should Attend:

Experts Across Four Tracks

From Vision to Reality: A Simulation-Based Approach to Design

This track will explore how leaders across multiple industries are using model-based engineering and how advancements in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and machine learning (ML) are driving innovation across the globe. We will go from vision to reality as participants gain insights into the tools, techniques and approaches that will become the best practices of the Metaverse.

Navigating to Net Zero: Digital Solutions for Our Changing Planet

This track will bring together experts from environmental science, policy, digital innovation, and more to explore how we might leverage immersive technologies as we work toward a net-zero carbon future. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how the Metaverse intersects with environmental sustainability along with its cultural, economic and physical impacts.

Bridging Imagination and Innovation: How Tech is Transforming Arts & Entertainment

The convergence of media, pop culture and technology has created undeniable opportunities (and certain risks) for arts and entertainment in the Metaverse. From the creation of special effects for film production and audio engineering for music production to AR/VR tools for e-gaming and social media platforms, we’ll dive into the tech that will pave the way for a new, emerging reality – virtual, augmented or otherwise.

High-Tech Health: Transforming the Changing Landscape to Benefit Humanity’s Well-Being

The pandemic illuminated how working in a remote-only environment can disrupt mental and physical health. Workshops in this track will investigate technologies that power wellness, from detecting early disease with metabolic markers to restoring nutrient-rich soil, ensuring that food brought to the table supports optimum mental and physical well-being.

Security Strategies for a world where everything is hackable

As virtual environments evolve and expand, there is a pressing need to address  risks and contemplate ways to ensure safe environments. What are the threats? How do we detect and handle malicious activity? What is the role of legislation and law enforcement in virtual environments? These are just a few of the questions we will tackle as we attempt to balance privacy with innovation.

Attend this Community Breakfast Event

  • Meghan Good
  • Howard Whyte
  • Jeff Seaton
  • Ashok Banerjee
  • Carol Ann Dykes Logue

Tuesday, February 27 2024 7:30 am

Cybersecurity Breakfast: Part 1


Join us for an engaging breakfast conversation with our esteemed panelists as we delve into the world of enterprise security and its relation to cybersecurity, analytics, and machine learning. Our seasoned cyber defense experts will share their insights on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of enterprise security. From ransomware to targeted attacks on key companies, the attack surface is broad and includes email security, endpoint security, network security, industrial IoT attacks, and more. The discussion will cover tips, traps, and best practices for defenders. Our panelists will also reveal how they sift through the deluge of data to uncover valuable nuggets of information.

The panel will be moderated by Carol Ann Dykes Logue, the Programs & Operations Director for the University of Central Florida Innovation Districts & Incubation Program. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business!

Location: Grand Ballroom 7
Meghan Good - Director of Cyber Security Accelerator, Leidos
Howard Whyte - Chief Information Security Officer, Truist Bank
Jeff Seaton - Chief Information Officer, NASA
Ashok Banerjee - Senior Vice President of Engineering, Trellix
Carol Ann Dykes Logue - Director, Programs & Operations, University of Central Florida Innovation Districts & Incubation Program
  • Aida Gourdine
  • Adrian R. Gardner
  • Daniel McGowan
  • Joshua Cryer
  • Carol Ann Dykes Logue

Tuesday, February 27 2024 8:30 am

Cybersecurity Breakfast: Part 2


The cybersecurity of a nation is unlike anything else. The attack surface is almost unbounded, and the resources of the adversary are almost unlimited as well. These attacks are often pinpoint targeted along the critical supply chain. In this session, we’ll delve into the current state of Nation State Security and look forward to 2035 with an eye to further progression of Quantum Computing in cryptography, forward secrecy, Deep Fakes, and attacks on mission-critical systems from Air Traffic Controllers to Financial systems of a nation. We will explore what cyber resiliency means in such boundless cases and whether decentralization is a solution or anathema in these situations.

The panel will be moderated by Carol Ann Dykes Logue, the Programs & Operations Director for the University of Central Florida Innovation Districts & Incubation Program. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business!

Location: Grand Ballroom 7
Aida Gourdine - Senior Cyber Security Manager, SAIC
Adrian R. Gardner - CEO, The ChainBlock Company,LLC; Founder & CEO, SmarTech Nexus Foundation
Daniel McGowan - Signals Engineering Manager at Microsoft Security
Joshua Cryer - President, CEO, Reticulate Micro
Carol Ann Dykes Logue - Director, Programs & Operations, University of Central Florida Innovation Districts & Incubation Program

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Four Ways to Participate

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Gain valuable insights from successful thought leaders shaping the future of technology.


Exchange knowledge and best practices with professionals across a wide variety of industries.



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Connect with a diverse network of highly educated, innovative, and tech-savvy professionals.

What to Expect

Industry Leading Speakers

Our conference will feature a lineup of industry-leading speakers who are at the forefront of technological innovation, bringing their expertise and insights to inspire and empower attendees.

Expo Booths & Networking

The Powering the Metaverse STEAM conference offers exhibitor booths and a dynamic networking expo, providing attendees with valuable opportunities to connect with leading companies, explore partnerships, and discover innovative products and services.

Exciting Events & Great Venue

The Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida, our chosen event venue, offers a wonderful combination of luxurious accommodations, state-of-the-art facilities, and a convenient location, providing a perfect setting for attendees to learn and play.

NASA Kennedy Space Center Tour & FIRST Robotics Expo

As a bonus, attendees can enhance their experience by visiting the renowned NASA Kennedy Space Center for an interactive tour; and cheer on the next generation of STEAM professionals as students showcase their ingenuity in the FIRST Robotics competition, immersing themselves in the cutting-edge world of science and technology.

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